Technological Park

project team: Maurizio Vellucci, Stefano Balzanetti, Alessandro Di Mario
project: Technological Parck for a nuclear waste. Italy
status: International Competition
date: 05/2016
client: Sogin Spa

The idea for the Technological park, is to create an interconnected system able to enhance the transmission of informations, ideas, knowledge and energies. The concept is inspired by the chip, in which every element, in different position, takes part in a global interaction network. This arrangement of light forms will perfectly fit in the natural environment, suggesting the axis and the alignments; it will help to maintain proportions of the place and of the volumes. The composition consists of different superimposed levels: at the ground level a homogeneous distribution of streets, public spaces, buildings and park provides a human scale environment; at the higher level; At a raised level the suspended pedestrian path, integrated with an energy production and distribution system, will be the element of interconnection of the activities that will take place in a fluid, dynamic and constant way.