Space Sharing

project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Riccardo Magnisi, Nunzia Loverre
project: Refurbishment of a gym building. Catania, Italy
status: AAA Architetti Cercasi International Competition, Honorable Mention
date: 04/2016
client: Confcooperative, Fondo Sviluppo

Space Sharing is based on the coexistence, in the same structure, of different functions related to a constantly changing public. The building has been rearranged as a structure that is able to combine private activities with public ones. The regular structu­ral system defines some different environments: the “showroom” (for the exhibition or sale of works and goods), “the atelier” (for manual work), “the studio” (for intellectual work), “the shop” (for children acti­vities), “the kitchen” (for courses or gastronomic events), “the reception hall” (for parties and enter­tainment) and the theater (for events with a public presence). Users can take advantage of these spa­ces trough the Space Sharing Application, which allows the reservation for a limited period of time. The project is a model of management for the built heritage, able to give new life to the urban fabric.