Scuola Riva di Tures

project Team: WOW Architettura con Eleonora Zepponi, 3TI Progetti
project: Kindergarten, Primary School and Civic Center. Riva di Tures, Italy
status: International Competition.
date: 06/2021
client: Comune di Campo di Tures

The new riva di Tures school is a building designed as a place of growth and sharing of an entire community, a place of great energy and creativity, but also a place to retreat and isolate. A building that dialogues with the mountains and the surrounding natural environment, thus able to strengthen even more the identity of the place and represent a second home for citizens. A building dug inside and in visual relationship with the places and the naturalistic and identity elements of the valley.
The design of the volume is inspired by an equally accurate reading of the architectural language most representative of the context; the reference is to the Maso Trentino, with its formal and material peculiarities, constitutes the idiom of the Volume.