<p style="text-align: center;">Paul Taylor, Store.</p>


project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Manuela Tognoli
project: Paul Taylor Store. Roma, Italy
status: Built
date: 04/2016
client: Paul Taylor Division

The new Paul Taylor Store is located in the historical center of Rome on the ground floor of a building part of the medieval fabric of the city. The room extends in length from the street floor to the inner courtyard showing in a discontinuous manner typical features of historic buildings, such as bearing walls and arches in brick chestnut ceilings and inserts in limestone and travertine. The project starts from these elements through their maintenance and restoration of the existing structures; The finishes and materials help to make the environment cozy and warm. The iron treated with oil was chosen for the realization of the window of entry inspired by the bow window and the glass box in the center of the shop used to vary the space of the long hall. The wood of various essences and finishes has been used for the realization of cabinets and exhibitors while materials such as brass, spied fabrics, aged mirrors, Carrara marble contribute to make the environment richer.