project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Studio Transit, Lorenzo Senni
project: Boarding School. Malles Val Venosta, Italy
status: International Competition
date: 03/2014
client: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano-Alto Adige

The project for the new boarding school for students of the higher Institute “Claudia de ‘ Medici” to Malles (BZ), is situated in a disused military placed on a natural slope. The project aims to redefine the relationship between nature and built looking for an integration between the two elements. Most of the volumes are thus placed under the natural dimension of the slope into a subterranean base which expands, is modelled and which houses recreational activities, sports and service. On it rests the volume of boarding school which is the only item well visible in the landscape. The proposal wants to complement even the Alpine building tradition, specifically citing the farm architecture from both the formal and material, emphasizing the use of wood and stone structures and coatings. Formal decisions taken and the excellent exhibition, also help the building as a whole to ensure a great energy saving and to exploit the natural ventilation, thus reducing operating costs.