Fermi Secondary School

project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Stefano Balzanetti, Alessandro Di Mario, Marta Spadaro
project: Refurbishment, Secondary School. Turin, Italy
status: International Competition
date: 11/2017
client: Fondazione Agnelli, Compagnia di San Paolo, Comune di Torino

The proposal aims to overcome the introspective original vocation of the school complex, changing the functional and figurative relationships with the city; the urban public space permeates the plot and merges with the private courtyard of the school through the wide inclined promenade towards the new entrance hall. At the same time, the new cocourtyard becomes the core part of a new system of outdoor spaces connected along a path traced within the pavilions of the new planimetric configuration. It becomes a place for meeting, exchange, socialization and extracurricular learning. The figurative identity of the building is preserved by maintaining the architectural connotation of the structural frame, highlighted by the absence of the infill panels and the presence of glazed surfaces which are set back and are completed with an orientable shading system.