Ex Galateo

project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Claudia Caporale, Andrea Di Martino Russo
project: Building Reuse. Lecce, Italy
status: International Competition.
date: 06/2020
client: Puglia Valore Immobiliare

Talking about social housing today means reflecting on the public city in physical, planning and social terms. Considering the city as a “living” organism in which it is necessary to rethink the residential housing system by introducing a series of previously unknown variables, temporal and social. An opportunity to define a new habitat aimed at guaranteeing human and social relationships. The building is conceived and received as a social condenser capable of, through transitory and multipurpose spaces, expanding the residence also in the spaces of relationship and transition. The typological research is projected towards figurative elements that characterize the compositional processes: the collective square, the interstitial spaces, the areas of passage between public and private, the boundary between the street and the condominium area, the garden / park as an evocation of naturalistic atmospheres, the relationship between mobility and residence, between pedestrian and access. Themes that are summarized designing a new park, giving new functions to the building and the designing of the interiors.