Primary School Cesenatico

Project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Francisco Pereira, Elena Farinelli
project: Primary School. Cesenatico, Italy
status: Entry Competition.
date: 10/2018
client: City of Cesenatico

The project of the new primary school starts from a careful analysis of the place with the aim of proposing a building that besides accepting the didactic activities, really becomes a point of reference for the community. The area is a longitudinal development on the north-east southwest axis, between Via Torino and Via Sassari and borders with many activities of interest such as the Dante Arfelli school, the Park Grande Torino and the hospital G . Marconi. The New School will therefore rise within a lively and transforming urban fabric but which would require more meeting places and areas for recreational and cultural activities. The concept is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s project for the Port-channel of Cesenatico, built in 1500; according to the intentions of Leonardo and the city administration of the time, this channel should have reached the town of Cesena, located in the hinterland about 15 km away to facilitate trade. The idea is therefore to link parts of the urban fabric, to reactivate them through the creation of public spaces; a building that has the value of a light infrastructure that creates new spatiality through its form. So a School that opens physically to the city, which provides its own spaces for extracurricular activities with direct accessibility outside school hours. Small squares without barriers that help to spread the culture of widespread public space, cared and collected spaces that help to better live the neighborhood and the city.