Civic Center Isola

project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Francesca De Santis, Daniele Tiburzi
project: Civc Center. Milan, Italy
status: International Competition
date: 11/2014
client: Municipality of Milan

The intention is to define, between built and open space, a recognizable landmark by the community and able to establish itself as a moment of reflection in the transition between city and nature. The external reticular structure represents the mediation with the context, showing itself with its Ethereal lightness and inside the Park. The vegetation is free to take possession of the building structure, climbing on walls with a life force that can establish a dialectical relationship between the building and the natural environment. The project proposes an organization of spaces on two main levels. The spaces allocated to different tasks follow according to a continuous and slight change of altitude, connected by an alternating stairs and ramps that come up on the roof, on the panoramic terrace. The double skin helps the building to save energy by using the vegetation that blocks out the summer sun, and instead provides light in the winter months.