City of children

project team: Maurizio Vellucci, Sara Sorrentino, Alessio Runci, Virginia Pucello, Davide Pellegrini
project: Urban Renewal. Bisceglie, Italy
status: International Competition. 3rd Place
date: 10/2017

The city of children is the result of an urban regeneration designed to return identity to a place that has lost its original function. The area of intervention is a set of industrial buildings decommissioned and in a state of decay enclosed by a wall 3 meters high. The idea is to reconnect this urban void with the rest of the city through the demolition of a part of the wall on Via XXV Aprile, with the creation of an open and easily accessible public space. The entrance square is the gateway to a public area equipped with recreational and cultural activities in every building and respecting the original planimetric layout. The renovated buildings overlook a central courtyard, a large park with educational greenhouses, play areas, pedestrian paths and areas dedicated to cultural and recreational activities. A safe, fun and smart space designed for children, but designed to reactivate the entire community.