project Team: Maurizio Vellucci, Eugenia Buffo
project: Antenna Landmark and Bellaria Park. Salerno, Italy
status: International Competition
date: 07/2015
client: Municipality of Salerno

The intent was to enhance the landscape by reducing as much as possible the interventions that entail a significant alteration of existing morphology. The idea founded is based on the desire to create pure volumes that tend to almost dissolve visually in forms without matter: a transparent element that may be confused, rather than appear, taking almost the hue of the sky surrounding it. The project started with the dual purpose of retrain the green lung of the Hill Bellaria and reorganize the structure of communications into a single truss plessa element that will become a new symbol for the city of Salerno. The intervention was conceived with a sharp look to the future, new technologies and clean energy production with a view to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants. As the beating heart of this light system stands the new antenna Landmark, a lingering object on the highest point of the Hill visible from 360 degrees like a lighthouse; an element with multiple functions, changeable over time and new tourist attraction of the city.